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Another Face of Duplicity

(unattributed photo)Ted A Klaudt. Republican. Former State Legislator (South Dakota). Accused pedophile.

From the Argus Leader story:

He’s accused of performing “ovary checks” and “breast exams” on one of the girls under the guise that he was helping her to donate her eggs, according to court records.

When the girl began to cry, he would give her beer or alcohol, the documents state.

Of note during Klaudt’s eight years as a State Representative, he was the sponsor of House Bill 1106: “An Act to revise the qualifications for qualified mental health professionals.” Gee, I wonder why?

Digby has a good writeup on this guy. Chad at Clean Cut Kid also addresses the inherent duplicity between Klaudt’s clandestine perversion and his public face as a “family values” legislator.

I’m always taken aback by these things. I think it’s the frequency with which similar circumstances to this are cropping up, despite the Bush Administration’s obvious attempts to limit investigations into the lives of neoconservatives in general. At least Klaudt is no longer in office here in South Dakota.

photo credit: (unattributed photograph. I wouldn’t want to claim it either.)


2007.05.21 - Posted by | opinion, political hegemony, public figures

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  1. Do you think any of his victims could spot him in a lineup?



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.05.21 | Reply

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