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Just Released: The Exclusive “Attorney General Love Doll, Presidential Edition”

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

“Look, Attorney General Fellatio. Accepting responsibility for your actions doesn’t mean just mouthing those words repeatedly, then refusing to do anything that even remotely resembles taking responsibility for your actions. We realize that your lips are custom-tailored to accommodate Chimpy’s nearly-microscopic penis and all that, but otherwise, you do both the Administration, the Nation, and future wearers of your title a grave disservice by continuing to breathe our air on the public dime. You can ‘testify’ all you want, but if it’s just another series of ‘I don’t remember’, ‘I don’t recall’, and ‘I have no recollection’, on behalf of everyone else in the country, let me be the first to respectfully request that you refund us your salary for the entire time that you’ve been Attorney General and take up the position of ‘Spelunking Tour Guide’ at the closest federal prison. Gah!”


2007.05.10 - Posted by | humor, opinion, political hegemony, politics, snark

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