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Light Posting Announcement

Commander Other is a busy, important man with many responsibilities and pressing engagements that will severely curtail his participation on this blog over the weekend. So, while he’s craftily pulling in money hand-over-fist, he must beg your indulgence in reading the archives.

Okay, actually, Commander Other is simply very busy, a little behind on a couple of client projects, and is going to play catch-up over the weekend because his other normal responsibilities were thankfully and literally rained out. So there will be much love-time with the computer this weekend, just probably not on here.

I was going to run a poll, asking my 3-4 regular visitors what they believe is the stupidist thing I’ve posted up here to date, but realized that might quickly branch off into other blogs, where I’ve undoubtedly posted even stupider stuff. And since WordPress doesn’t offer a polling system anyway, I figure I’ll have to rely on your commentorial prowess and just let me know what you think is stupid, smart, witty, or grotesque on your own. And feel free to plug your own blogs, by the by. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Unless your selling penis enlargements, erectile dysfunction pills, breast enhancement tonics or otherwise pandering for money on the assumption that people a) really give a crap about that stuff, and b) are so gullible as to try it.

I’ll hopefully pop in later after I’m done making some clients happy. In the meantime, please go catch up on my personal favorites, presented here in no particular order:


2007.05.05 - Posted by | housekeeping, humor

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