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The Bush School of Corruption

(Ali Jarekji/Reuters) (Ali Jarekji/Reuters)

“Education Secretary Margaret Spellings described what her budget looked like prior to spending it on jelly beans and a karaoke machine.”

actual caption: Education Secretary Margaret Spellings in a file photo. Rep. George Miller, the Democratic head of the House of Representatives education committee, said on Tuesday investigators probing the Bush administration’s management of federal student loan programs had found ‘serious oversight failures by senior officials.’

~ i can just hear her saying, “Look, George, I’m a teacher, not an accountant!”. gah.


2007.05.02 - Posted by | politics, snark

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  1. “So I take Chimpy’s head, like this, see? And I stick it here, and he makes this little motor boat noise.”

    OK, I threw up just a little.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.05.02 | Reply

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