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bald men just look crazy in beards

(AP Photo/Dick Whipple) (AP Photo/Dick Whipple)

“David W. Logsdon is shown here sometime prior to being shot dead by Kansas City police. Logsdon was killed after killing a neighbor and two other people. If there is someone bald and bearded in your life, encourage him to shave. Yes, i know it seems unfair, but isn’t it always the acts of irresponsible few that wind up being legislated for everyone else?”


2007.05.01 - Posted by | humor, snark


  1. uh oh.
    I’m not that bald and only have a goatee (or is it a van Dyke).

    Comment by Sorghum Crow | 2007.05.01 | Reply

  2. lol….the funny thing is, i’m seeing bald, bearded men everywhere i look all of the sudden.

    commander other is bearded, but not bald. because he has no time time to keep up with that kind of personal crap, he looks a bit like the old “GI Joe Commander” action figure (with Kung Fu Grip™). the attitude is, of course, completely contrary to that, though….

    Comment by commander other | 2007.05.01 | Reply

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