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worry knot?

worry not, otherites! commander other is merely on temporary hiatus while he catches up on things he hasn’t had the time to do, and hobbles around on a pulled left calf from two soccer games ago, and a bruised foot from last night. the joys of aging always make commander other smile.


no, i’m serious.


where are my freakin’ ibuprofen….?


2007.04.23 - Posted by | blogging, snark


  1. I’m down for the count myself today.

    Good for you for playing soccer – defender or attacker?


    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.04.23 | Reply

  2. i’m a goal-keeper, and old enough to be from ‘back in the day’, when if your coaches as a youth player recognized that you had exceptional hand-eye coordination, they were extremely elated, and henceforth sure as hell didn’t bother developing your foot skills, LOL….so anything close to decent ball control i have with my feet is basically self-taught, for what little that’s worth.

    i made a great save last night, but the attacker and i hit the ball at the same time, and both of us knew the other one was coming, so both of us kicked the ball pretty much as hard as we freakin’ could. i won (the ball actually went straight to the opposing goal-keeper, w00t!!!), but the entire top of my foot is now one huge funky-looking bruise that i’m sure my fellow TKD students will enjoy tomorrow, and it’s the foot opposite the calf-muscle i pulled last week, when some other attacking dinkus kicked me in the calf when i was jumping up for the ball.

    and despite being one of the referee instructors hereabouts, since none of my students seem to read this blog, i will pettily add that no, the d*mn referee didn’t call the foul that it quite obviously and painfully was (last week, not last night). because if you’ve never landed on a leg that just got kicked, with the muscles naturally flexed exactly backwards of where they need to be for a safe landing, you really haven’t experienced joy.


    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.23 | Reply

  3. I call it vitamin I, and take it before and after.

    Comment by Sorghum Crow | 2007.04.26 | Reply

  4. heh….there is no “I” in “OUCH!”

    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.26 | Reply

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