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slipping down the slippery slope

all ur uterus are belong to us Yes, kids, here we go…down, down, down the slippery slope of legislated religious intolerance. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court (also known as “The George Bush Action League”), decided that everyone’s uteruses belong to the federal government (presuming you have one, if you don’t, then you’re good to go). in fact, this pretty much paves the way to rapist’s rights.

Christy Harden Smith at Firedoglake has a good writeup on the subject, which you should definitely read.

Some pertinent information for your consideration:

In the course of her dissenting opinion, Ginsburg accused the majority of offering “flimsy and transparent justifications” for upholding the ban. She also denounced the Kennedy opinion for its use of “abortion doctor” to describe specialists who perform gynecological services, “unborn child” and “baby” to describe a fetus, and “preferences” based on “mere convenience” to describe the medical judgments of trained doctors. She also commented: “Ultimately, the Court admits that ‘moral concerns’ are at work, concerns that cdould [sic] yield prohibitions on any abortion.”

In a sidelong way, I’m kind of glad the Supremes ruled this way and laid their (Roberts, Kennedy, Alito, Scalia and Thomas) religious predispositions on the table. That certainly makes it easier to call theocratic-wishing spades what they are.

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2007.04.19 - Posted by | anti-theocratic tendencies, political hegemony, snark

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  1. I listened to a teaching doctor from UC Med. School on the radio tonight on the way in. She said she has no idea now what is legal and what is not because the language used in the law and the ruling is not scientific/medical, and is not precise.

    The obvious thing to conclude from this is that medical best practices are going to become very prescribed if Congress is going to start saying what can and cannot be done.

    It is a very sad day,



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.04.19 | Reply

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