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Presidential Sales Advancing

(Jim Bourg/Reuters) (Jim Bourg/Reuters)

“Several major retailers report record sales in the ‘George W. Bush Love Doll’.”

Sales of the popular George W. Bush Love Doll now nearly rival those of the John Edwards Love Doll. Stocks continued to surge today after a major spike in sales reputedly from Democratic Congresspeople and military officials. An anonymous general, who recently turned down the administration’s offer for the position of “War Czar”, was quoted as saying, “Sure, he’s shaped a little odd, but that’s kinda what makes it more fun!” He went on to add that he had purchased an entire lot for soldiers “recovering” at Walter Reed. The doll is also quite popular in the city of New Orleans, where it is filled with empty promises and used as a piñata in the birthday celebrations of government officials.

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2007.04.17 - Posted by | politics, snark


  1. Excellent!

    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.04.17 | Reply

  2. my mommy says i’m a bad boy.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.17 | Reply

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