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Look, Mah! No Strings!

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

“Distracted by the possibility of another email server containing sensitive information, the Puppet Master temporarily let President Bush walk on his own yesterday.”

Astute photographer Gerald Herbert produces an astounding natural-light photo of the president attempting to direct himself back to his waiting prop box. The control lines are virtually invisible, and though the long rigor of the death of his personal self is clearly evident, the president did manage not to fall on his face.

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2007.04.17 - Posted by | politics, snark


  1. Ahhhh…Dubya…A picture says a thousand words…what a great photo! Hilarious and sad at the same time. This would be a great side by side with the one of Cheney standing sentinel in the garden partially hidden while Bush gave a press conference.

    Comment by David Schleicher | 2007.04.17 | Reply

  2. commander other always appreciates a good photo. i have indeed considered montaging this photo with the one you mention, and a couple of others. it is unfortunately a busy week for me. thanks for coming by!


    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.17 | Reply

  3. Commander Other –

    I don’t think he is so much a marionette, as he is the other kind of puppet — you know, the kind that someone has a hand shoved up his ass.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.04.18 | Reply

  4. yeah, that’s pretty much how i visualize the relationship as well. although functionally, that’s a little impractical.

    of course, what i think REALLY happens is something along the lines (pardon the pun) of “Here ya go, Georgie, here’s another snort for you. Now, about this ‘gun control’ thing….”


    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.18 | Reply

  5. Puppets and marionettes are kinda creepy.

    Comment by Rachel | 2007.04.19 | Reply

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