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“And this is where we finally had enough!”

(AFP/File/Patrick Lin) (AFP/File/Patrick Lin)

“A scientist points out when, exactly, he finally had enough of his co-worker’s unremitting flatulence.”

Japanese scientists held a special press conference on Monday to announce the firing of a colleague who was otherwise a respected seismologist. Finally fed up with the frequent interruptions of their work by their colleague’s “unremitting flatulence and the constant stench of decomposing sushi”, the scientists apparently banned together to forcibly remove their colleague from the building. Only one scientist was lost in the ensuing scuffle, when he found himself too close to the offender during a rare eruption of a “silent stinker” that enveloped the hapless man in a cloud of flesh-eating gas. The unnamed colleague has applied for a position with the Japanese Army, as his emissions could well be beneficial to Japan’s secret biochemical arsenal and sonic munitions alike.


2007.04.16 - Posted by | snark

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