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i’m glad i’m not a reporter

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, FILE)(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, FILE)

“if you had to listen to Tony Snow every day, you’d look like this, too.”

absolutely one of the coolest people i have not had the honor of meeting. how she stomachs the crap, i dunno.


2007.04.05 - Posted by | politics, snark


  1. I’m glad I’m not a reporter as well. But I’m glad she is. You got to meet her? Cool. Did she have any sage advice about politics or life?

    Comment by nookularoption | 2007.04.05 | Reply

  2. I give the old gal credit for showing up continually to listen to the lies spewed from the podium from all the different administrations she has covered. That would make a fascinating book. A Chronology of Lies from to her first white house coverage to her latest.

    Comment by madmouser | 2007.04.05 | Reply

  3. no, nookularoption, i didn’t get to meet her, lol. i said “one of the coolest people i have not had the honor of meeting.” i would love to, though. she’s an admirable character.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.04.05 | Reply

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