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the end is near

(Lloyd B. Cunningham / Argus Leader)

“Mike Rounds looks quite comfortable with the Bush Family schtick up his ass.”

All right, now, that’s just mean. I can’t believe I wrote that. Bad me.

With a hat tip to CCKReader1212 over at Clean Cut Kid, though, read this shit. It’s looking like “Uncle Mikey” may well be peddling himself into running for Senator Tim Johnson’s seat. He apparently survived an overnighter in the Grotto of Duplicity (aka, the “White House”), and that obviously means he’s in “someone’s” back pocket.

As Kranz points out in his article, with the way things are turning out for “Unca Georgie”, the Bush legacy is going to be complete crap unless Republicans manage to do something positive, from their perspective, with Congressional seats in the 2008 elections. And for all appearances, Mikey would be just fine with that.

Gah. Here’s sincerely hoping that Tom Daschle will get back on the scene, and quickly. Please, Mr. Daschle….please?!?!?!?!


2007.04.04 - Posted by | 2008 cycle of dementia, political hegemony

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